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Everyone dreams of selling their Plano, TX real estate and moving abroad. For some, it's the turquoise waters of Australia that draw them in. For others, the rolling hills of Scotland, the throbbing lights of Shanghai, or jungles reaches of Brazil. The reason why more people do not move overseas is that it can be a very difficult process. If you're considering a foreign relocation, this article can give you an idea of what to expect.


One of the biggest obstacles to moving abroad is the paperwork. If you think you had to do a lot when you bought your Oshawa real estate, you'll be looking at twice as much when you're crossing a border. You need permission to live in that country from their government, your passport, immunization records, proof of your ability to support yourself, medical insurance, and more. And that's before you have to start applying for permanent residency or citizenship.


A lot of people see their dreams of foreign property ownership go up in smoke when they realize that the amount they could qualify for in a Toronto mortgage will hardly buy them anything in the foreign city they've chosen. For major cities like Paris, London, and Sydney, you'll need upwards of half a million dollars in US or Canadian funds to make the conversion to local currency with enough left over to compete in a high value market. For the best value, move to a small country, poor country with devalued currency.


When you ran your city of Toronto property search, you ran it in English and didn't think twice. When you move abroad, you'll have to do everything from hire movers to find a new property in a foreign language. You may be able to find someone who speaks English to help you, but don't expect it. It takes several months of studying the language and customs before you can hope to get by abroad on a permanent basis.


Countries are naturally jealous of their job opportunities, so in most cases you will have to prove that there is no local who can fill the position before they will let you have a work permit. If you're a self employed real estate agent in beautiful Kingston, Ontario or you telecommute via the internet, you will have a better chance at setting yourself up abroad than someone who needs to search for a job with another company.

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