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When you think careers in real estate, it is likely that one of a handful of professions comes to mind. Most of us automatically connect real estate professions with agents or brokers. A bit more thought might include mortgage lenders and real estate law firms in the real estate field, but most of us don't get much further than that. After all, how many people does it take to make possible a piece of Tulsa OK real estate, or land anywhere for that matter?

Well, we think that this series of articles will really open your eyes to the numerous possibilities for employment within the real estate field, from mortgage adviser to a home inspector trained with a process calibrator. The fact is, the sale or purchase of a house is just the most visible transaction that takes place in the world of real estate. There are dozens of different jobs that add up to make those home for sale something people want to buy in the first place.

What we are going to take a look at are the different types of jobs beyond the sales portion of real estate, the jobs that make that sale possible in the final transactions. We'll break things down a little bit for you right here, so you have an idea about what to expect.


One of the funny things about homes is that they can have a poor appearance outside, but if people find something to like on the inside they are still likely to buy. There are many careers that focus on making the interiors of homes look more appealing. It doesn't matter whether you are talking about Nunavut or Texas homes, those with a nice interior are just more appealing to the buyer.

From interior designers to architects to staging companies, there are quite a few different jobs wherein people spruce up the inside appearance of a home. The training for these jobs varies, of course, and we will take a look at specific occupations and how you need to be certified in them. Each involves a certain amount of detail and attention, too; an interior designer might have plans right down to the type of shingles that best sets off the paint in the house. We will delve into specific considerations regarding certain jobs in this series.


When we think exterior when it comes to real estate design, we tend to think of the familiarity of the individual with the local nursery supply store. Landscaping is probably the default consideration for most people when we are talking about home exteriors, but really there is a lot more to the exterior of a home than the yard.

As with interior design, the keeping the outside of a house looking its best requires a broad range of professional services, all with different levels of education and experience required. Roof, walls, construction work on the porch, and any number of other outdoor considerations all come into play when we are talking about exterior real estate design.

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